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have you ever wondered why you can't lose weight after childbirth?

  • Do you struggle to lose that stubborn 10-30 pounds of "baby weight," even though your child is now 10 years old?

  • Are you always feeling run down and exhausted because you are taking care of everyone else?

  • Have you uttered these words to your friends, "I wish I could fit into my old skinny jeans again." 

If you answered "YES," to these questions you are in the right place.



Discover The 5 Steps My Clients Use To

Lose Up To 30 lbs of Extra Weight and Gain Their Confidence Back!

Hi, My name is Charmaine and I am a Holistic Health Coach Helping Women Balance their Weight  Journey and Family obligations and I've been in your shoes. I am familiar with the daily struggle that women go through trying to manage their family, career and their overall wellness

I have.....

  • Had trouble losing extra weight after I had my son while trying to manage a full-time career.

  • Didn't have time to exercise because my work schedule was so demanding.

  • Lost touch with my "Inner," Queen because I was focused on everyone else but myself.

Working Cafe



I took action!

  1. Changed my mindset

  2. Stopped traditional diets

  3. Created an exercise plan I love

  4. Made self-care a top priority

I'm here to help you do the same!

Let's work together to get the breakthrough that you deserve to lead a Purpose Driven Healthy Life.

How Does The Coaching Program Work?

Book your 15-Minute Health Restoration Call

We discuss your goals and create your Healthy

Lifestyle Blueprint

You take action and get the support you need to achieve your Purpose Driven Life

Charmaine's deep and thorough knowledge is evident in how she engages with you as a client. She listens carefully and is thoughtful in her approach and recommendations. I feel confident that Charmaine speaks from her own experiences and is based in the real world! She understands getting to self care is a journey that takes time and patience.

-D. Rosenthal


Charmaine is an awesome coach and pays attention to details.

-E. Philips


"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

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