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Transform Your Health and Lifestyle with Me

Are you looking to own your health and wellness journey with a sprinkle of joy?

Charmaine Fuller HHC offers personalized health coaching services to help you achieve your goals.
hether you want to improve your overall health or need guidance through a specific life stage, we are here to support you.


Hi, My name is Charmaine and I am a Holistic Health Coach Helping Women own their wellness journey. Welcome to a journey of wellness, where empowerment meets grace, and aging is embraced with joy! As your Health Coach and Lifestyle Hacker, I'm dedicated to guiding women aged 40 and beyond to own their wellness journey. Here's what you can expect from our transformative approach:

  1. Empowering Women 40+: Experience personalized coaching designed to empower women in their 40s. Our holistic approach focuses on physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  2. Wellness Journey Ownership: Take charge of your wellness journey with tailored programs and strategies. We believe in individualized plans that align with your unique goals and aspirations.

  3. Health Coaching Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned Health Coach. I specialize in guiding women through lifestyle changes, nutritional improvements, and overall well-being enhancement.

  4. Lifestyle Hacking: Uncover the secrets of lifestyle hacking for optimal health. Discover practical tips and hacks that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, making wellness an enjoyable part of your life.

  5. Embrace Aging with Grace: Redefine aging as a beautiful and graceful journey. Our approach encourages embracing the aging process with positivity, self-love, and a sprinkle of joy.


Join me on this empowering and joyful wellness adventure! Let's celebrate the beauty of aging while fostering a lifestyle that radiates health and happiness.

Discover your best self with Charmaine Fuller, HHC and the Lotus Life Academy.


We offer a transformative 12-week online program that will guide you towards living a more wholesome life by embracing the principles of holistic wellness.

Let me help you unlock your true potential.

Enroll now and start your transformative journey!

Our Clients Say

Charmaine is the epitome of what holistic health coaching entails. It take a special person with the right approach, tone and sharp-witted character to achieve what she does. I just felt better after I spoke to her about my needs and what my personal goals were during my consultation. She listens and understands, that's what made it so easy.Best way to describe my experience with Charmaine's program is to imagine having a therapist, a personal trainer and yoga instructor in one!

M. Henry

"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

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