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This is Why a Health Coach Can Help You Live Your Best Life!

Updated: Jan 26

Some of you may be wondering, "What is a Health Coach?"I'm so glad you asked. I am a health and wellness coach that supports people with lifestyle changes. It's not just about diet, it is about your personal relationships, physical activities, spirituality, and your career that all play a major role in your overall wellness.

I decided to take my love for health and wellness to the next level. I enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition last year and recently graduated in March 2019. I am not only a coach to my clients but I am coaching myself on a daily basis. I struggle with getting enough quality sleep every night because I tend to have a problem shutting my brain off and relaxing.

I began meditating off and on last year to see if that would help me. I did the commuting meditations on the Headspace App on the subway and that was challenging at first. How was I going to meditate while teenagers were dancing on poles and homeless people were telling tales and asking for spare change? I decided to change my approach and meditate in the morning on the way to work when all New Yorker's are super grumpy and tired. It turns out that it was the best time. There were less distractions and there was more time to focus on my breathing and overall relaxation. I already had this 45 minute time to myself with my headphones so why not use it. Even though I spend most of my time standing up tugging on a pole the entire ride to work with no seat in sight, I was able to listen to the app with ease. The commuting meditation was designed to be done seated or standing. I thought to myself, "Wow, those app developers are onto something." Here's why meditation will change your life.


• Relaxes the brain

• Encourages your muscles in your body to calm down

• Gets oxygen to all of the cells in your body

• Redirects your thoughts and releases negative mindsets

Throughout my meditation journey I was able to discover a new way of relaxing and decreasing my cortisol levels that was beneficial for my body. Each day I get another shot at training my brain to relax. As a health coach, I offer these suggestions to my clients in one on one coaching sessions and in group sessions. I believe everyone deserves to make themselves a priority and live their best life.

Be Well & Fabulous,

My Coaching Tip of the Day: Try the Headspace app! You will love it

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