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The Best Way to Create a Morning Routine

Updated: Jan 26

Many of you have asked me what is a morning routine and how does that enhance your overall wellness. A morning routine is a time that you designate each morning to meditate, journal, exercise, or whatever you do to ground yourself. The best way to create a morning routine is to follow these critical steps.

1- Set an intention

When you set an intention you are deciding to focus on how you want your day to manifest and how you want to show up in the universe. Our mind is a powerful tool and it has to be exercised on a daily basis just like the other muscles in your body. When you are purposeful in your intention each morning you are training your mind to focus on what you want to manifest. If you focus on negative thoughts then you can shift your mind to focus on positive thoughts if you have set an intention.

2- Designate a space

I find that designating a space separate from my bedroom has helped me to treat my morning routine as an important part of my day. Sometimes I drink my warm lemon water at my desk and journal or do my breathing exercise. Other times I choose to do my meditation on my balcony with my headphones in the summer months. I have found that the space I choose to do my morning routine changes with the seasons and how I feel during that particular time. It is totally up to you and what makes you feel safe and empowered.

3- Choose a time that works for your schedule

I know some of you may be saying to yourself, "when can I do this when I have to jump out of bed and get my family and I out of the house on time? Good question. I have struggled with this question myself and I feel like the best time is early in the morning at 6am before the entire house is alive. Sometimes the dog is still asleep and it's complete silence and tranquility. I also like this time because the sun has just risen and it feels like the world is so calm. Everything in the world from the plants, insects, animals, and humans have an opportunity to start a brand new day full of hope and positivity.

Set your intention, find your glorious space, and make time to experience a morning routine filled with positivity.

Be well and fabulous,


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