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Social Media Time-Out

Updated: Jan 26

Do you love social media?

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are all amazing but is it hijacking your life?

Social media opens up your life to the world which is a good thing if you don't get bogged down by all the negativity in the world. I had to take a break from social media on my recent stay-cation and it was definitely needed. Social media has become so time consuming in my personal life and my business life that I had to put the breaks on that car and take a step back to tap into my latest accomplishments. I made a conscious effort for one week after working 7 days a week for months, finishing school, and writing my book chapter to rest.

These are the steps I took to totally get off of social media:

1) Disable my notifications on my phone, IPad, Laptop, FitBit watch

-These notifications are constantly popping up and they are so distracting. Why is my life constantly invading by the buzzing and dinging. She needs peace and quiet!!!!!

2) Hide my devices

Keeping my phone in it's mini cradle and refusing to pick it up, drag it around the house with me and take it everywhere like a little blanket. Why am I attached to this thing that has all these EMF's (Electro-Magnetic Field) that gives off toxic energy?

More on that in another post. :)

3) Write in my journal

-Get all my random thoughts out on paper

4) Meditate when I get the urge to log in to the social

-My Naturopath doctor will be so proud of me. Yes, I am following the protocol and not just saying I'm doing it but I'm actually doing it.

After taking these steps I noticed a huge change in my energy level and my level of focus on every day tasks. I was not running around like a wild phone junkie responding to every single post. I also became more engaging with my child (who has banned all of my electronic devices from his room). He has several rules of engagement for coming to visit his room and play and the number one rule is "No devices." I love it. But of course he likes to play on his tablet in his room when no one is in there with him, but I digress. I also noticed that my sleep pattern improved and I woke up more rested the next day and ready to take the world social media free. Instead of picking up my phone scrolling like a maniac before bed I could rest my eyes, meditate (with the help of Alexa) and then go to sleep.

I encourage to try to do a social media time out when you are feeling overwhelmed with life and you need a break from people, places, and things. We are so overstimulated as a society and it is becoming increasing important to take a break and stop and relax and get outside and enjoy nature. We only have one life and it's important that we don't spend it behind a screen with limited physical contact with our family and friends. I promise you no one will say at your funeral she had 1 million followers on Instagram, she had the bomb food posts, and she posted over 1 million shares on Facebook. Those are not accomplishments that people will remember. They will remember and admire that you were a great person who was awesome to be around and they will miss your funny jokes and your genuine appreciation for life.

Be Well and Fabulous,

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